Women in Leadership

Women aspire to make a difference as they put themselves into new opportunities and reach for achievement and accomplishment.
Have others helped make a way for you? Have you scrambled and tumbled to get where you are? Been there. Doing that; still.

Breaking new ground, initiating creative problem solving, moving others through to solution and generating courage all require a solid strength of spirit, knowledge and skill.

Avian scientists know that birds flying in a flock don’t vote who will lead before they take off. The leader selects herself and the group lines up, adapting to wind pressure, lift and conservation of energy. As we’ve heard from geese flying overhead, the flock honks encouragement to each other and the whole bunch holds the formation. Does the leader always know where she’s going? Maybe not. Surely, she takes her role seriously and is acutely aware of surroundings and the impact of her decisions. Sound familiar?

Brains at Work creates safe environments for women to learn, practice and grow their management of workflow, credibility-building communications and strategies. We have focused a process of “seasoning” for young women so they lead from a depth of confidence as to political, social, financial, innovation and performance-based realities. We have coached senior women leaders work with people of all generations to create optimized team process.

Brains at Work has unique perspective on building women’s leadership across sectors. Programs are tailored for organizations, individuals and work groups.
Services include:

  • Seminar: Women’s Brains and Men’s Brains at Work (for all audiences)
  • Intensive: Women in Charge of Brain Power: How to Build Genius
  • Coaching: Incentives and Tools for Product Creation, Process Improvement and Ten Other Areas Usually Led by Men
  • Organizational Consulting for Improving Performance and Development of Women in Leadership

Women: ask us questions! contact@brainsatwork.com.