One-Day and Two-Day Workshops
Brains at Work’s workshops are highly interactive and enjoyable, offering hands‐on activities and materials that can be used back on the job. Customization of these curricula can be accomplished to reflect client needs, programs or initiatives. Each workshop harnesses recent research in Brain and Organizational Sciences to ensure individual connection to the class material, motivation and willingness to apply new skills back on the job.
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Consulting and Coaching Services

Consulting and Coaching Services allow focused and appreciative attention for achieving goals and objectives:

  • Personalized attention builds on clients’ intrinsic motivation, purpose and strengths
  • Facilitation shifts focus through problem-solving to creative solutions
  • Tools and systems constructed to support change and performance
  • Leadership development enhanced at every level of organization

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Curriculum and Program Design

Our design projects can incorporate E-learning, Virtual Conferences, Mobile, Media, and many forms of live events and blends of modalities. Dynamic interactivity and increased learning speed are Brains at Work’s core competencies via any delivery.
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