Bringing It All Together

So, we’ve been immersed in brain function research and work force optimization for decades. What’s the best that Brains at Work has to offer? We’ve provided the Art and Science series of webinars, workshops and services to global and national organizations:

The Art and Science of Facilitating Invention

  • …of Training Trainers
  • …of Accelerated Learning & Course Design
  • …of Simplexity: Making the Complex Simple and Doing More with Less
  • …of Brain to Brain Communications

What would you like to learn how to do? See if this experiment works for you:

We call this “Shifting State”. Look at the water drops on the leaf. For one moment, telescope your attention into the center droplet. Let your imagination take you inside. Rest. Take one breath.

As you pull your focus back into your body and surroundings, take a quick look around. Do you experience anything different from just a few seconds ago?

If so, please let us know at

One phenomenon we work with is the Nobel Prize-winning research as to separation of brain tasks through two hemispheres: Left Brain/Right Brain. In the quick test above, you were asked to move function from one side of your head to the other. There can be refreshment, ideas and associations sparked by the change. Tapping the WHOLE brain’s capabilities for processing information, building long-term memory and personal commitment is our stock in trade.