Breathing Life Into Technical Training

Are you tasked with turning boring, dry and overwhelming material into compelling knowledge? Will learners and leaders be expected to use dense legal, accounting, manufacturing or IT concepts to meet organizational strategic goals? We know; we’ve been there.

On the job training, blended learning; all methods need to tap people’s natural abilities to process information. We compressed and accelerated a two-week course into 3 days: no problem. Assisted engineers to lead a global quality assurance process through teamwork: yes indeed.

Brains at Work created national environmental curricula that could educate government employees, tribes, community/neighborhood representatives and industry as to legal, science and political realities. Oh, and we needed to move all learners to become champions for environmental progress, too.

Like a rainstorm falling on a desert, (thirsty) people want to integrate new knowledge and be smart on the job if the content and performance expectations are relevant and alive. We have touched over two million learners worldwide with exceptional methods, templates, approaches and tools.


What We Do:

  • Learning and Performance Audits of existing programs
  • Program design and redesign
  • Internal professional development of Training and Development staff and Subject Matter Experts
  • In house workshops and intensives

Brains at Work will respond to your questions: